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You don't have to be the best to get sponsored, sponsors are looking for all types of gamers, at all levels. So don't assume that just because you don't have millions of fans that sponsors aren't interested. Hellogamers is the best and first step any gamer should take if they are interested in sponsorships and a career in gaming. We'll help you market yourself to sponsors, manage your sponsorships and grow your fanship.

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The Ultimate Profile For Gamers

We know exactly what sponsors are looking for.

Our benchmark system scores your influence making it easier for sponsors to quickly gage your social reach.

Real life verification of your identity to help your sponsors have confidence in sponsorships for professional accounts.

Share the information important to you and your sponsors from a single dynamic profile.

We know what sponsors are looking for and profiles are designed by gamers for gamers. with key gaming stats.

Automatically updated statistics keeps your information always current.

Create your own custom sponsorship packages and price them.

Media libraries help you show off what you have to offer to your sponsors.

A full complete detailed profile is standard with every account, even the FREE accounts.

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Manage Your Sponsorships

One Dashboard To Rule Them All

We help you show sponsors your value to keep them coming back.

You can track all your sponsorship activities from one place.

We generate detailed reports with all your social media interactions.

Keep up to date with your fans and followers all from one place.

The dashboard tools include To-Do List, Calendars, Mail, Notifications and much more.

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